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// Brno 17.06.2008

17.06.2008  Brno, Czech Republic, Velodrom


Předprodej lístků:

Cena lístků: 895kč // 1280skk

Předkapela: Enter Shikari
Začátek od:
19:00 hodin
Organizátor akce: Live Nation

Místo konání:
Velodrom, Křížovského, 603 00 Brno, Česká Republika



01. One Step Closer (w/ new intro & extended outro)
02. Lying From You (w/new intro)
03. Somewhere I Belong (studio version)
04. No More Sorrow (w/ long intro)
05. Papercut
06. Points Of Authority (w/ intro Petrified
& new riff outro)
07. Reading My Eyes
08. Wake 2.0
09. Given Up (w/ extended outro)
10. From The Inside
11. Leave Out All the Rest
12. Numb
13. The Little Thing Give You Away
14. Breaking The Habit (no intro, acappella outro)
15. Shadow of the Day
16. Crawling (w/ reanimation intro)
17. In The End
18.Bleed It Out (w/ drums intro
& extended outro)

19.Pushing Me Away (piano version)
20. What I've Done (w/ MS piano intro)
21. Faint (w/ extended outro)